McBrayer Comments On Charlottesville’s Violent ‘Unite The Right’ Rally In His Sunday Sermon

As a white man.

As a stumbling, follower of a Jewish Carpenter.

As the father of an African-American son.

“What happened yesterday in Charlottesville was pure evil. Nazis in the streets? White supremacists spewing their vile hate? It is sin. It is grotesque. It is the very poison that tore the world apart 75 years ago. This is exactly what kindled the furnaces of Auschwitz, and every time someone raises a hand in a Hitler salute, he or she might as well be lifting a hand to assault Christ himself. The only thing more reprehensible than this hate are those who justify it by attaching Jesus’ name to it. To those: Get his name out of your mouth. The only supremacy is love, the only race is human, and the only nation for the follower of Jesus is the kingdom of God that makes no distinction of race or nationality. We cannot ignore this type of injustice and racism. As people of faith we are compelled to name it, and with every peaceful means necessary, oppose it.”

Ronnie McBrayer

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